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Michael Schneider

As an interaction designer and systems specialist, Michael Schneider is an integral part of ESI Design’s Creative Technology team. He brings a strategic approach to the creative implementation of interactive A/V technologies for a wide range of client projects.

Michael Schneider draws upon his extensive expertise in interactive systems, interaction design, system design and assistive technology to create innovative solutions for projects such as the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, Terrell Place, Ellis Island Peopling of America Center, and PNC Fairfax Connection.

Michael Schneider
ESI Design
New York

Joel Krieger

As Head of Design for Magic Leap solutions, Joel is exploring the frontiers of augmented reality, spatial computing, and remote collaboration. Their work seeks to amplify human ability via wearable technology. 

Joel Krieger, Magic Leap
Magic Leap

Kevi Louis-Johnson

When Kevi Louis-Johnson sees something that is well designed, she knows it's asking to be animated. She has learned that there is never a single solution to a design challenge through her experience at such companies as Microsoft Office Labs, Stardust, Superfad, MTV/MTV2 and the Travel Channel.

Kevi Loius-Johnson, Creative Director, Hornall Anderson, Seattle
Sid Lee
Seattle, WA

James Tichenor

James Tichenor is a maker, designer and educator who has been working at the intersection of design and technology for the past 15 years. He graduated from NJIT with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1999 and worked in the field of architecture for 3 years before returning to school to get a Masters of Science in Design and Computation from MIT and a degree in Interaction Design from the Institute of Interaction Design Ivrea in Italy.

Photo of James Tichenor
Seattle, WA

Joshua Walton

Joshua Walton has spent his career blurring the lines between the physical and digital. Prior to his role as Design Architect for Microsoft Hololens and Windows Holographic, he co-founded the LAB at the Rockwell Group in 2008, an interactive architecture group. His early work focused on design and computation, culminating in the entry installation for the 2008 Venice Biennale. This work was his transition to the creation of interactive spaces and platforms, including the Canne award winning west lobby installation at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Photo of Joshua Walton
Seattle, WA

Heekyoung Jung

Heekyoung Jung is currently an assistant professor of Interaction Design in the School of Design Architecture and Planning at University of Cincinnati. The School of Design is innovative in teaching and in transforming the design disciplines by infusing learning with the newest design thinking methods and technologies.

Photo of Heekyoung Jung
University of Cincinnati (DAAP)
Cincinnati, OH

Jessie Rubenstein

Jessie Rubenstein is an exhibition and multimedia designer at Marks + Spaces. Her previous experiences include MetLife, Krent/Paffett/Carney Inc., and Hyde Park Art Center.

Jessie Rubenstein uses interactive storytelling to create brand experiences, exhibitions and interactive media for museums, corporations, universities, and non-profits. Blending an academic background in psychology and interior architecture with professional experience in exhibition and program design, she creates innovative, content driven designs that speak to diverse audiences.

Jessie Rubenstein
Marks + Spaces

Curtis Kelly

Call him old fashioned, but Curtis Kelly still believes in picking up the phone over sending an email or text. His approach to every project begins with the goal of clarifying a client’s vision through exceptional communication, discovering a common language that bridges the gap between their inspiration and the technical reality. The end result is an empowered client and team, armed with the essential information to make unified decisions for a mutually successful project.

Curtis Kelly
Los Angeles

Blue Telescope

Blue Telescope:
Expanding the Human Experience.

Blue Telescope is an award-winning, boundary-pushing team that has collaborated with a portfolio of world-class centers to bring ideas, stories, technologies and human connection to every touchpoint. Their much lauded work is dedicated to highlighting the unexpected, bringing new perspectives and upending expectations.

Concept Matters | Design Matters | Trust Matters

(Bourbon) Experience Design on Louisville’s Whiskey Row

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Bourbon has been a part of Louisville, Kentucky’s, heritage since Evan Williams first marketed his whiskey there in 1780. Today, the Urban Bourbon Trail and the revival of Whiskey Row are pouring new life and many, many tourist dollars into the city. The new Evan Williams Bourbon Experience (designed by Solid Light) is the latest destination on the trail


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