How The Chicago Design Museum’s “Great Ideas of Humanity” Reimagines America’s First Sophisticated Image Advertising Campaign

While it’s generally accepted that Chicagoans care and know about the city’s treasure trove of architecture, recognition for its leadership in the other design disciplines—environmental, industrial, communications—lags behind.

Radio Flyer Headquarters Expansion

Finalist 2018
Finalist 2019
Radio Flyer Headquarters Expansion

Welcome to the Radio Flyer Imagination Factory; part workplace, part testing lab, all play. The Gensler design team created a new home for this iconic 100-year-old brand by creating a space that truly reflects the owner’s vision of Radio Flyer as a “Vessel for the Imagination.” Dozens of objects were carefully curated from Radio Flyer’s history to house in individual displays throughout the space.

150 Media Stream

Merit Award 2018
150 Media Stream

A stunning new media installation illuminates Chicago’s West Loop. 150 Media Stream is a multi-faceted achievement in art, architecture and technology that celebrates the transformative power of art as a collective experience. This digital art installation explores the interplay of art, space and viewership in both public and private contexts.


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