Sander Baumann

Since 1995, Sander Baumann has worked for various signage companies and focused his work on creative thinking and bringing a sense of place to environments. Over the past 15 years he has designed numerous wayfinding and signage projects, including Holland's largest shopping center, comprehensive city wayfinding, school signage systems, and building identification.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Susan May

Wayshowing for more than 20 years.

With more than 20 years experience in high-level, complex graphics and wayfinding programs in the US and beyond, Susan brings vast experience to her diversified and talented teams at Pentagram. Susan is a senior EGD specialist for three partner teams in the New York office. She is leading multiple projects, including a large-scale multi-use project in Miami with Paula Scher, multiple international projects with Natasha Jen, and the recently completed Barclays Center with Michael Bierut.

Susan May, Pentagram
New York


Identity is often—and incorrectly—used interchangeably with the terms brand or  branding. Brand is the overall image that a company or entity makes across all touchpoints, from one-on-one communications to television, print, product, or social media. Identity is the visual translation of the brand into many forms, including the logo, of course, but also encompassing such elements as business cards and stationery, websites, signage, uniforms, fleet graphics, brochures, and package design.

Podcast | Defining the City - Developing Urban Identity, Interpretive & Wayfinding Systems

Podcast 11 Speakers


What you will learn

Eighty designers, fabricators, and city and Chapter Chairs met at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to hear about the latest trends, regulatory hurdles, and special skills required to develop urban wayfinding, banner programs, kiosks, and other urban projects.

Yongfang Yu

Yongfang Yu is an extremely passionate designer, born in the Northwest of China. He's been in the design business for the past 25 years, with expertise in Branding, Packaging, Environmental Design and Art. In 1997 he founded his own design studio, Sommesedesign, officially registered in 2004. The design team led by him, has become an important Studio in the Northwest of China.

YongFang Yu


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