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IA Interior Architects Hosts EGD Week 2021

Interior Arcitects Host EGD Week 2021

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During IA’s 5th annual EGD Week, we're celebrating self-expression and the messy, imaginative, and uninhibited creativity innate in all of us. Hear from innovative thinkers in the design industry (including SEGD’s Cybelle Jones) and discover how we can tap into the creative potential of ourselves and our teams. We are also inviting participants to pursue your inner artist by joining us in a virtual, hands-on sketching workshop and contributing an image to our interactive, generative art installation.

Role of Senses and Sensitivity in Placemaking - Peter Hecht, PHD, Jessica Stoffers, and Lauren Harrison


Jessica Stoffers is a Senior Experiential Graphic Designer at IA Interior Architects with a background in brand strategy, experiential graphic design, and wayfinding. Her work spans a variety of industries, including Amazon, Chubb, PayPal, and Bank of America, among others. Jess looks for the intersection of people, cultural, and business objectives to tell compelling visual stories. She is passionate about equipping clients with the tools needed to authentically bring their brands to life.

Experiential Work Spaces - the Sure Bet: A Collaboration between IA Interior Architects and DCL

DraftKings, Boston, Massachusetts  |  Design: IA Interior Architects  |  Built by: DCL

Office spaces are undoubtedly in a major state of transition and are evolving to energize and activate their spaces. When DraftKings moved to their new headquarters in Back Bay, they required a wholistic strategy with a project team to create and implement an experiential space that embodies their energy and passion for sports. The new 105,000 square foot space, designed by IA Interior Architects, successfully tackled that challenge head on.

Fabrication Story: 37 Floors of Fun

Fabrication Story: 37 Floors of Fun

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Workplaces in the tech space are often showcases for playful one-of-a-kind placemaking installations that encourage recruitment and employee participation. With art walls made from hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes, light switches and more, “Block 20” (Seattle) is a prime example of what can result from creative collaborations between designers and fabricators CRĒO Industrial Arts, IA Interior Architects and NBBJ.


As told by CRĒO’s Kyle Ottosen:

McDonald's Headquarters Interactives

Merit Award 2020
McDonald's Headquarters Interactives

Leviathan collaborated with McDonald's Agency One TwentyThree, to build a suite of digital learning tools forMcDonald's new global headquarters. Elevating an iconic brand with state-of-the art digital experiences. For McDonald’s executives, employees and visitors alike, the MHQ is now an immersion into an ambitious, globally minded company with a bold vision for a sustainable future, a constant appetite for high-caliber talent, and daily commitments to educational, charitable and social causes.


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