Houston Dynamic Displays (HD2)

Houston Dynamic Displays (HD2) is a registered professional Digital Signage firm that provides turnkey consultative design, engineering, project management, and system integration services for the development of Digital Signage, Kiosk & Digital Out-of-Home network solutions.

We currently service a steadily growing clientele consisting of businesses in the Retail, Healthcare, Corporate, K-12/ Higher Education, and Quick-Serve Restaurant Industries, among others.

Alwyn Brownewell

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston

Alwyn Brownewell is a positive, well-rounded designer who is passionate about creating meaningful designs that impact my community.

Alwyn Brownewell currently lives in Houston, TX with her husband Matt and their pup named Katsu. When she’s not designing, Alwyn enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and eating lots of food with family and friends.

Alwyn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in GRaphic Design from the University of Houston, graduating in 2018.

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston
Core Design Studio
Houston, TX

Al Ross

Al Ross, CEO and Visionary Entrepreneur, Al Ross Group and Al Ross Luxury Homes, Houston, Texas.

Al Ross began hiw journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 28 with $200 in his pocket and hard work and determination in his heart. Al Ross started what would become a multi million sign business in Houston, Texas which he sold in 2012.

While building his successful company Al Ross spent years building his own home. These years also became the foundation for the building of Al Ross Luxury Homes, which has quickly become synonymous with luxury living in Houston, Texas.

Al Ross, Visionary Entrepreneur, Al Ross Group, Houston, Texas
Houston, TX

Veronica Sepulveda

Veronica Sepulveda is a Senior Associate Senior Project Designer at DG Studios, a Houston based firm that specializes in Environmental Graphics, Exhibit Design and Identity Development programs for 30 years.

Veronica Sepulveda is a detail-driven project manager who remains focused on what is best for her clients and their needs to communicate in the built environment.

Veronica Sepulveda
D|G Studios

Miguel Avila

Miguel Avila is currently a Senior Graphic Designer at Inventure Design, a design &architecture firm based in Houston, Texas.

Miguel is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist that has created interior environments and graphic design concepts for hospitality, retail, corporate and healthcare projects. He has also produced branding and marketing materials, books and original art for various businesses and corporations. He has over 14 years of experience in architecture and environmental graphic design.

Miguel Avila
Inventure Design

Kirsten Ufer

Kirsten Ufer is the Creative Director at Houston Zoo.

As Creative Director, Kirsten Ufer says that her role is to oversee the graphic design and photography departments. She helps communicate messages visually – whether it is through designing a logo, a brochure, a sign, etc.  "Much like a trained chef has the ability to make food look more appetizing by the way it is presented, we put all the pieces together to make a message more compelling through our design." says Kirsten.

Kirsten Ufer is the Creative Director at Houston Zoo in Houston, Texas
Houston Zoo
Houston, TX

David Siudmak

David Siudmak is the Owner of Houston Design Works in Houston.

David Siudmak is an experienced web designer with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), photography, graphics, logo design, and user experience. He is a strong information technology professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) focused in Graphic and Interactive Communications from Ringling College of Art & Design.

Houston Design Works is a graphic design agency specializing in corporate brand management, and online marketing.

David Siudmak is the Owner of Houston Design Works in Houston.
Houston Design Works
Houston, TX

Kim Cao

Kim Cao is a Project Manager and Senior Designer with FMG Design in Houston.

Prior to joining FMG in 2008, Kim Cao worked as an intern for the studio while attending the University of Houston studying architecture and interior design. Since coming on board, Kim Cao has worked on a wide spectrum of projects and has become highly experienced in graphic design, environmental graphics and wayfinding.

Kim Cao is a Project Manager and Senior Designer with FMG Design in Houston
FMG Design
Houston, Texas


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