Amanda Yates

Amanda Yates is Lead Designer, Brand Experience at PGAV Destinations.There, she enjoys creating dynamic, immersive experiences that tell powerful stories. Amanda has a passion for storytelling in all forms, and can often be found finding ways to integrate the story with large and small scale graphics, brand moments, media, retail, and food and drink. She loves working with the team of sculptors, designers, architects, artists, and strategists at PGAV to bring big ideas to life.

Amanda Yates PGAV Destinations
PGAV Destinations
Saint Louis, MO

Tim Miller

Tim Miller is the owner of Miller EG Design, a full-service design and product solutions provider for signage in the Atlanta area. He has a a diversified project portfolio, including architectural, retail, health care, educational, hospitality, transportation, wayfinding, litigation graphics, corporate identity, collateral communication and web design.

Tim Miller
Miller EG Design

Laura Bade

Laura Bade is a Associate and Senior Environmental Graphic Designer for Rossetti, an architectural design and planning firm with a global focus on sports and entertainment, and a community design focus in Detroit. She is  a part of a diverse team of passionate architects, designers, planners and project managers with decades of experience solving design challenges. 

Laura Bade

Trisia Tomanelli

Trisia Tomanelli is Principal & Creative Director at t-squared design, inc.

Trisia draws from over 13 years of experience in design where she has been actively involved in a broad spectrum of projects focused on brand identity and environmental graphics. Trisia Tomanelli has lead her creative team to develop comprehensive design solutions for the healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant and food industries throughout the country. She serves her clients both domestically and internationally.

Trisia Tomanelli is Principal & Creative Director at t-squared design, inc.
t-squared design Inc.
New York

Bob Lowe

Bob Lowe is a Principal at Arrowstreet in Boston.

Robert "Bob" Lowe is a principal at Arrowstreet and created Arrowstreet Graphic Design (AGD) in 1995 to bring Arrowstreet’s award winning, in-house graphic design to a larger commercial, academic, and institutional market.

Bob Lowe is a Principal at Arrowstreet in Boston.

Shelly Rosett

Shelly Rosett is a lighting consultant for LightArt. After a rewarding 20 year career as an Art Consultant in the Minneapolis area, Shelly joined LightArt in 2016 and has never looked back. LightArt, a 3form company, is a custom lighting fabrication and design studio in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. The work of the Seattle studio is an ever-evolving tale of innovation, creative exploration, and endlessly variable custom lighting creations.

Shelly Rosett


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