Graphic Design

Liene Laurinoviča

In 2018 founded marketing design company "Constructive Design” offering different types of design solutions to improve the company's image.

Steps leading to opening “Constructive Design” began as a student taking part in the student innovation platform Demola. Where I had my first experience with wayfinding design challenges. I offered an idea about an interactive personal map machine. It included personal wayfinding maps and other guiding systems for airport services in Riga International Airport.
The proposed solution got the second stage of innovations of that year.

Liene Laurinovica
Riga, Latvia

Rebecca Spangler

Rebecca Spangler’s passion for design stems from her interest in the user experience and how design touches lives. She started her career as a technical writer for a company that makes playground equipment. That experience designing installation instructions and seeing how people interacted with them started her life-long interest in designing with the end-user in mind.

Rebecca Spangler
Perkins Eastman
Harrison, NY

Samantha Turnock Mendiola, AIA

Leading our Environmental Design Group, Samantha Turnock Mendiola’s design portfolio includes higher education, museums, academic and public libraries, corporate workplaces, healthcare, customer experience environments, and experiential design. Through her understanding of brand, placemaking, architectural, and graphic design, Samantha develops innovative and exciting ways to deliver beautiful environments designed with a sense of purpose, discovery, and clarity.

Samantha Turnock Mendiola, AIA

Denny Indrayana Setyadi

My name is Denny Indrayana Setyadi, I live in the city of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, I am an educator, designer, and researcher in the field of experiential Graphic Design at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember ITS Surabaya. The focus of my research is on the role of graphic design in providing human experiences in public spaces. Some of the design work that I have produced has been implemented in several areas where I live. My special skills are illustration, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Denny Indrayana Setyadi
Surabaya, Indonesia


In connecting with architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, graphic design and cutting-edge technology, these callings has given DSIGNAGE the understanding of teamwork in creating art and design that enhances our built environment.  The goal is an empathy aligning with nature and making our meeting places useful and the paths that we cross, attractive.  Responsible for programming, design/design development, bidding & construction administration of experiential systems and identity programs, Mr.


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