Hannah Olin

Hannah Olin a co-chair of the Washington DC chapter and is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Gensler.

Hannah Olin has lead design projects in the areas of wayfinding, experiential graphic design and strategy for clients such as The Washington Post, Nestlé US Headquarters, Aramark, International Monetary Fund, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Hannah Olin, Environmental Graphic Designer at Gensler in Washington DC
Washington, DC

Kimberly (Kim) Lindstrom

Kimberly (Kim) Lindstrom is a Project Manager at Gensler in their Chicago office.

Kimberly Lindstrom has been with Gensler for the past five years. She is the Operations Manager for the Brand Design, Consulting and Product Design studio. Kimberly Lindstrom's primary responsibility is project management for projects including brand strategy and positioning, visual identity, print collateral, environmental graphics, signage/wayfinding and digital design projects.

Kimberly (Kim) Lindstrom, Project Manager, Gensler, Chicago

Mikaela Couch

Mikaela Couch is a Graphic Designer with Gensler in their San Francisco office.

Mikaela Couch has been with Gensler in San Francisco for about 3 years. Before she joined Gensler she was Design with the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma for 2 years.

Mikaela Couch completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a concentration on Design and Visual Communications at the University of Oklahoma.

Connect with Mikaela Couch on LinkedIn.

Mikaela Couch, Graphic Designer, Gensler, San Francisco
San Francisco

Ana Benatuil

Ana Benatuil is an Architectural Designer and Urbanist graduate from Florida International University on 2013. Ana is passionate about the convergence of cities and technology to solve the challenges that affect our environment, infrastructure and quality of life.  Ana is an architectural designer at Gensler.

Ana Benatuil

John Emshwiller

John Emshwiller is co-chair of the Los Angeles Chapter.

John Emshwiller is a Senior Associate and Design Director with more than 19 years of professional brand design experience. He dedicates himself to providing clients with authentic designs and strategies that when completed are impactful and consistent with company’s visual identity.

John Emshwiller, Gensler
Los Angeles

Becca Beswick

Becca Beswick is a Brand Designer who  enjoys turning complex problems into  simple and unique solutions. Whether she is working on a corporate, healthcare, or aviation project, Becca Beswick creates wayfinding and branded experiences where storytelling reigns queen. A design system needs to look great and translate universally. An organized person at heart, she is devoted to cultivating memorable connections between people and place, where a successfully executed signage program can both excite and alleviate stress or uncertainty.    

Becca Beswick is a Brand Designer who  enjoys turning complex problems into  simple and unique solutions. Whether she is working on a corporate, healthcare, or aviation project, Becca Beswick creates wayfinding and branded experiences where storytelling r

Chris Fato

Chris Fato is a co-chair of the San Francisco chapter.

A self-proclaimed “sign guy,” Chris Fato has been designing and problem-solving in the signage industry for 13 years. His experience encompasses a broad array of interior and exterior wayfinding, corporate branding change-outs, and many projects in the banking and medical industries.

Chris Fato
San Francisco

Fitgi Saint-Louis

Fitgi Saint-Louis is an environmental graphic designer at Gensler. There she designs on a wide range of projects within the built environment and brand development and works in team formats to develop branded environmental experiences. She collaborates with internal architecture and interior design teams to provide holistic solutions.

Fitgi Saint Louis
New York


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