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Liza Rao

Liza Rao is Graphics Director at Gallagher & Associates. She has extensive experience in both exhibit and environmental graphics/wayfinding and corporate identity/print communications. She has worked and produced comprehensive interior, exterior, and donor recognition programs for cultural institutions, historical landmarks and visitor centers.

Liza Rao, Gallagher & Associates, Washington DC Designer
Gallagher & Associates
Washington, DC

Courtney Payne

Courtney Payne is a Portland-based designer with over six years experience specializing in the development and creation of immersive and experiential environments. She currently works as a brand experience designer at Nike. Prior to relocating to the West Coast in 2012, she was fully immersed in the cultural and non-profit worlds of New York City and Washington DC, where she discovered an undeniable passion for integrating education with art and design. She was previously an exhibition designer with Gallagher & Associates in the San Francisco Bay area.

Courtney Payne, Gallagher & Associates
Portland, Ore.

Wayfinding and Playfinding

Gallery One, Cleveland Museum of Art

SEGD member Jennifer Davis of Planar had an opportunity to spend some time with Leslie Wolke of Leslie Wolke Consulting in Austin, Texas and New York City.  Leslie is the co-founder of SEGD’s XLab annual conference and is an independent consultant specializing in wayfinding technologies.  Her clients include the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, New York University Langone Medical Center, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Jennifer asked her questions about her passionate work in wayfinding and a new trend that Leslie has identified called “playfinding.”

Nature Lab at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Nature Lab Exhibit

Nature Lab, a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, uses media and lively graphics to invite visitors to “put their nature eyes on.” Gallagher & Associates and KBDA collaborated on the project, which was a 2014 SEGD Global Design Awards winner. Do what comes naturally—allow your work to shine by entering the 2015 SEGD Global Design Awards. The deadline has been extended to Feb. 28!

Gretchen Coss and Tateo Nakajima

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