Frost* Design covered Sydney for the I’M ON campaign

Photo of I'M ON campaign signage

Frost* Design (Sydney) covered Sydney in condoms for the I’M ON campaign, the Stay Safe extension of ACON’s Ending HIV initiative. The catchy outdoor component definitely brings smiles to the faces of passersby, communicating the important message that ending the HIV epidemic by 2020 is only possible if testing more and treating early are accompanied by the maintenance of a strong safe-sex culture.

Frost* Design acquired award-winning digital shop The Nest

Images of posters for Feeding the 5000

Frost* Design (Sydney) is set to become the Frost* Group, having recently acquired award-winning digital shop The Nest. Recently named one of the “Top Ten Forces & Faces in Australian Design” by the respected national magazine Design Quarterly, The Nest was founded in 2010 and offers services across digital design and development, strategy, social media campaigns, content marketing, digital publishing, and video production.

Frost* Design and Arup collaborated on the VIVID Light Walk

Photo of RICOCHET at VIVID Light Walk in Sydney

Frost* Design (Sydney) and Arup collaborated on an interactive laser installation for the VIVID Light Walk in Sydney. RICOCHET featured an intersecting network of laser beams above the narrow Suez Canal laneway. The installation reacted to the movements of passersby, triggering a series of light and audio displays to characterize sparks of idea generation.

Frost* Design

Identity of Sydney Living Museums

Frost Design (Sydney) created a brand repositioning for the Historic Houses Trust; the Trust’s 12 properties will be known as Sydney Living Museums. Informed by broad stakeholder and consumer research, the brand repositioning taps into the experience economy by creating opportunities for people to participate in living heritage rather than a passive educational approach. The new identity’s design centers on the idea of unlocking stories, and draws on the key as a symbol of entry into other peoples’ homes.

Frost* Design

Photo of Vince Frost of Frost Design

Vince Frost of Frost Design (Sydney) joined business leaders from around Australia in the CEO CookOff, an annual event raising money to help those in need via charities including OzHarvest. The events culminated in a live cook-off with celebrity chefs in Sydney’s Cathedral Square.

After taking part in the inaugural event last year, Vince took OzHarvest on as a pro bono client, working with them on rebranding the organization and producing their annual report.

Frost* Design

Frost Design (Sydney) welcomed back Anthony Donovan, who has returned to the firm as Creative Director working across all areas of the studio. He spent the past two and a half years working as Creative Director at Moon on award-winning projects such as Westfield, Darling Hotel, Sunglass Hut, and Sydney Mardi Gras.


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