John deWolf's Sketchbook

John deWolf's Sketchbook

" Speed of exploration over the quality of line work is my maxim."


John deWolf
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Earlier in the day, I was asked to submit images from my sketchbook. I thought: How did they know sketchbooks mean so much to me? Did I say something? Perhaps it was an uncanny coincidence. Only hours earlier I remarked on a student’s sketchbook and their progress exploring and collecting ideas. Maybe it was leaving the house sans keys and wallet, yet with sketchbook in hand?

Form:Media Batoche National Historic Site Work Honored and Published

Batoche National Historic Site

On June 23, 2017, winners and finalists flew in from as far away as Poland and China to attend the celebration at Toronto’s iconic Evergreen Brick Works, where the results of Azure Magazine’s seventh annual AZ Awards competition were announced in the presence of top talents from the local and international architecture and design communities. Form:Media's work for Batoche National Historic Sitereceived a People’s Choice award in the Experiential Graphic Design category.


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