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Brett Hurlbut

Brett Hurlbut is the Director of Strategy and Creative at cmnd+m — a collective of strategists, innovators and makers exploring new ways to bring brands to life in the physical world. He has utilized a degree that is traditionally rooted in two-dimensional solutions to identify and implement creative, quantifiable solutions within the retail environment. He is devoted to continued creative problem solving within the applied customer experience as it pertains to design, and I am always in pursuit of my next creative challenge.



Cineviz is an experiential design firm that creates and engineers experiences that engage, educate and motivate. We know that how you tell your story through the experiences created within your environment speaks volumes about your commitment to truly engaging with each and every person who connects with your brand.

Man Hui Chan

Man Hui Chan loves art, design, psychology, literature and everything relating to aesthetics—beauty.

Through sensitivity, Man Hui Chan consistently searches for beauty in nature and in the environment surrounding her. Those beautiful things, then, become the inspirational source of her work as a visual communication designer. With great attention to detail and an intuitive approach to design, she is passionate about artistic and poetic expression.

Man Hui Chan, ZGF Architects
ZGF Architects


Ideum is a creative company focused on emerging technology and on designing public installations and products that can create meaningful and compelling user experiences. We are a US-based company and we design and produce the best quality multitouch tables and touch walls. We also develop custom exhibit for public spaces including museums, corporate headquarters, retail, and other places where people gather.

Kevi Louis-Johnson

When Kevi Louis-Johnson sees something that is well designed, she knows it's asking to be animated. She has learned that there is never a single solution to a design challenge through her experience at such companies as Microsoft Office Labs, Stardust, Superfad, MTV/MTV2 and the Travel Channel.

Kevi Loius-Johnson, Creative Director, Hornall Anderson, Seattle
Hornall Anderson
Seattle, WA


Problem solving is achieved through critical, objective thinking, which results in solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally proficient. This approach provides a vantage point that addresses the user’s emotional and physical needs.

We understand, plan and design content within the context of the entire experience, managing outcomes, not features. We believe great design is the unifying thread to a great experience.

Sarah Szekeresh

Sarah Szekeresh is Co-Chair of SEGD's San Francisco Chapter. Sarah is a designer with a passion for problem solving and collaboration. She specializes in environmental graphics, wayfinding and placemaking, with a focus on corporate and civic spaces. She creates thoughtful, responsive solutions that improve the way a user interacts with his or her environment.

Sarah Szekeresh
San Francisco

Becky Yan Li

Becky Yan Li is the Design Director of Beyond Design London.

She is a graphic designer with more than 8 years experience in print, branding and wayfinding.

Becky Yan Li has spent a lot of time working with architects and interior designers. She has a good sense of spatial design, which might be her most outstanding advantage as compared to other graphic designers.

Becky Yan Li, Design Director, Beyond Design London


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