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Pheonix Walter

Pheonix Walter is an Experiential Design Specialist at EAB in Washington, D.C.

Pheonix Walter loves traveling, puzzles, bright colors, people watching, Paris, technology, jumping in puddles,being creative, wine, the number 3, winter, photography, cowboy boots, the Coca-Cola Company, thunderstorms, monkeys, & surprises.

Pheonix Walter is an Experiential Design Specialist at EAB in Washington, D.C.
Advisory Board
Washington, D.C.

Rowena Macaraeg

Rowena Macaraeg is the President at RipBang Studios in Venice, CA.

Rowena Macaraeg is responsible for assuring that all projects are well planned, well designed, and well executed. Having recently completed the graphics program for Orlando’s new Amway Center Arena, Rowena provides focused and experienced leadership to assure that Graphics and Interiors are coordinated within our project team.

Trained as a visual artist and architect, Rowena Macaraeg’s passion is in creating dynamic and communicative spaces through the integration of architecture, sculpture, and graphics.

Rowena Macaraeg is the President at Ripbang Studios in Venice, CA.
Ripbang Studios
Venice, CA

Debra Satterfield

Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate in Orange County, CA. 

Debra Satterfield is empowering and mentoring tomorrow’s Thought Leaders today through high impact, individualized education experiences both online and face-to-face. Debra provides mentoring in User Experience Design, Design for Social Inclusion, Design for Behavioral Change, Design for Aging and Life Stages, and Design for Supporting and Empowering Persons with all Levels Of Cognitive and Physical Abilities. 

Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate and an Assistant Professor at California State University Long Beach in Orange County, CA.
California State University Long Beach
Orange County

Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson is a Principal, Experience Design at KidsII in Atlanta.

Kids II are driven by design. They have created a culture of creators. They’ve been inventing and reinventing baby toys and gear for more than 40 years, delighting babies and their parents with award-winning product designs that deliver exceptional value.

Kids II believe that playtime is powerful. That baby "basics" can be more. And that the littlest moments in life are really the biggest. Kids II create products that enrich everyday life during the early years.

Ben Jackson is a Principal, Experience Design at KidsII in Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

HanGyeol Oh

HanGyoel Oh is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, working towards a Masters of Fine Art in Exhibition & Experience Design. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from the Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, Korea.

HanGyoel Oh is a sophisticated designer with knowledge of interior design and architecture design to create environmental experiences.  She is proficient at designing brand identities, exhibition and interior space planning. 

HanHyeol Oh
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
New York

Breeze Creative

Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company. They create unique and engaging spaces using physical and virtual elements. Their team of multidisciplinary designers, content developers, and programmers work hand-in-hand using cutting-edge technologies to turn the  wildest and most creative ideas into reality. They also offer a suite of interactive products that can be provided as a fast and easy solution such as:


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