Gina Russell


Hi, I'm Gina Russell. I provide thoughtful, achievable solutions to the challenges facing creative business owners. Their focus is making great work, mine is HOW the work gets made.

With my diverse background as a designer (Pentagram, Chermayeff & Geismar), leader of creative teams (Clinique Creative Operations), client liaison and small agency founder (Service Station Design), I have experienced the design process from many perspectives. Creatives trust me because I understand them.

Gina Russell
New York, NY

Anne Wilsey

I believe that the power of an exhibition is in its ability to spark curiosity and kindle the imagination. As a designer and museum professional, I tell stories with objects and space that connect people with ideas.

I am a recent graduate of George Washington University's exhibition design program and a not-so-recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art's illustration program. I live in Washington, DC, where I serve the Smithsonian American Art Museum as a Program Specialist in the Luce Foundation Center.

Anne Wisley
George Washington University
Washington DC

Chick Russell & Company

Chick Russell & Company is a multi-award winning creative development company specializing in the design of extraordinary destination experiences, luxury tourism resorts, immersive theme park attractions and engaging museum exhibits.

Chick Russell has developed a number of iconic projects including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Transformers the Ride 3D, and the Nintendo Super Mario Kart Ride for Universal Studios and the Tokyo DisneySea theme park for The Walt Disney Company.

Crystal Nava

Hi! My name is Crystal Nava and I am a graduate from Cal State Long Beach. I am a creative designer who is passionate about Sustainability and Biophilia. I like to incorporate these concepts into my exhibition designs, specifically for the younger audiences. I love working with children and my purpose is to make an impact in their lives. I intend to enhance their design thinking process and creativity. Fusing my background in art, design, and museum studies I aim to create innovative exhibits. In my free time, I enjoy going outdoors and taking pictures of my travels.

Crystal Nava
California State University Long Beach
Huntington Park, CA

Aida Ohadi

I am a recent graduate and designer specialized in creating meaningful experiences within branded spaces, live events and concerts, products and graphics. My dream is to become a creative director one day, leading amazing shows, concerts, and events for the entertainment industry.

Where in the world would you like to work?
Los Angeles, CA

Who is your favorite designer ever? And what one question would you ask them?
Es Delvin. What advice do you have for younger designers who are pursuing the same path as yours?

Aida Ohadi
California State University Long Beach
Granada Hills

Armand Rosario

I am a graduating senior at Kent State University, completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design.

Current lead designer at PoliClique, a social media startup with the aim of bridging politics with community for an ever increasingly active generation of users. Oversaw the UX and UI of the application and service, and created the brand identity for the platform.

Armand Rosario, Kent State
Kent State University
Delaware, OH

Shiya Tong

My name is Shiya Tong. I am an Exhibition and Experience Design MA student currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I have previously attended Columbus College of Art and Design and received a BFA in Industrial design.

Shiya Tong
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
Brooklyn, NY

Cora McKenzie

Cora McKenzie is a graphic designer, researcher, and (aspiring) educator passionate about typography, branding, and experiential design. Informed by her science background, Cora’s practice often coalesces design and research methodologies to create unique brand experiences and confront complex topics.

Cora McKenzie, MICA
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Baltimore, MD

Amira Maruf

With a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and marketing, I exercised skillfulness in creating rapport between companies and their public, assisted in maintaining a favorable corporate image, sales operations, and crisis management.

Amira Maruf
University of Houston


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