Jill Southern

Jill Souther is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for cities and spaces.

Jill Southern is an art director and designer. She works across a broad range of disciplines, including brand, web, environmental, and print design.

Jill Souther is a Senior Designer at Burnkit in Vancouver.

Lynn Zarif

Lynn Zarif is a Freelance Design Consultant in Washington, D.C.

Lynn Zarif is a well-traveled feminist, curious learner and designer who is passionate about storytelling. Lynn is always looking for innovative solutions. She has lived, studied and worked in Spain, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Lynn Zarif is currently based in Washington D.C. and is looking forward to being one of its design community members.

Lynne Zarif's specializations are:

Lynn Zarif is a Freelance Design Consultant in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.

Royal Opera House: Opening Its Doors to All

Royal Opera House Wayfinding by Endpoint

Read Time: 6 minutes

Endpoint, collaborating with the Royal Opera House, creates a wayfinding system that allows the venerable London institution to open its doors to everyone.

Opera houses, symphony halls, and ballet theaters can be intimidating spaces. There’s often an air of grandiosity and exclusivity in these structures—and a notion in popular culture that these spaces are reserved for the highly cultured, the socially elite and the uber wealthy.

Annelle Stotz

Annelle Stotz is on the 2021 SEGD Board and was a Co-Chair for the Seattle Chapter.

Annelle Stotz is a designer working at IA Interior Architects, and is growing the EGD capability in the Seattle office. She is working with global teams to create strategic and integrated experiences for clients within their workplace.

Annelle Stotz

LA Live

Nokia Center - LA Live Plaza

Times Square West

L.A. Live’s high-energy “content plaza” adds a new spark to Los Angeles’ up-and-coming downtown.

Things are looking up for Los Angeles’ long-maligned downtown, and the L.A. Live retail/entertainment district is the newest spark in the revitalization efforts.

Gnu Group completed a donor recognition program for the Granada Theater

Photo of Granada Theater donor recognition

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) completed a donor recognition program for the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara, which reopened after a monumental restoration. The formal acknowledgment of contributions was the last piece of the resurrection. The program seamlessly integrates functional displays and fulfills real and logistical requirements in recognizing contributors to the Santa Barbara Center for Performing Arts.


Photo of WalkNYC pedestrian wayfinding

Pentagram (worldwide), working with the consortium PentaCityGroup and the New York City Department of Transportation, helped design the graphic language for WalkNYC, a new system of pedestrian wayfinding.

DJ Stout and his team at Pentagram Austin developed a new name and identity for The Contemporary Austin, formerly known as AMOA-Arthouse.

Star Signs - Folly Theater Kansas City

Photo of Folly Theater marquee sign

Star Signs (Lawrence, Kans.) completed a new marquee sign for the Folly Theater in downtown Kansas City, Mo. The Folly worked closely with Star Signs in a design/build approach to create a design that not only complements the historic architecture of the building, but also creates a new icon for the city’s oldest operating theater. The theater management team was also interested in a low-maintenance and energy-efficient lighting system.

Muvico Paradise 24 Theater

Jury Award
Muvico Paradise 24 Theater, Muvico Theaters, Development Design Group

Paradise 24 is a 97,000-square-foot, 24-screen cineplex, offering an immersive Egyptian experience. The sloped, battered walls and distressed patina lend the ambiance of the ancient temple at Karnak. The cinema features a north wing reminiscent of the sandy, desert-like upper Nile and a south wing themed as the more lush delta plain. Statues of Ramses and sphinxes guard the concessions, which are located at the end of an indoor/outdoor mosaic of the Nile. Cinema patrons drive in past a huge entry pylon, and then park in the Luxor, Delta or Nile lots.

Development Design Group


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