Scott Gericke

Scott Gericke is a creative director and graphic designer with 25+ years experience managing and designing large-scale brand identity related projects. While he's primarily focused on print-based communications, his expertise encompasses environments, signage and digital media.

Scott Gericke
University of Missouri-Saint Louis
Saint Louis

James Silva

James Silva possesses over two decades of professional experience in graphic design with the vast majority of that within the museum & exhibit design industry. In addition to his professional experience, he holds a BFA and MA in Design and is a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

James Silva
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
New York

Aubree Ball

Aubree Ball is Lecturer and recent recipient of a Master of Design at the University of Washington and is a designer who is fueled by curiosity and lives to learn. She is researching HCI in the home to design interactions which are counter to today's dominant visions of domestic IoT. With a diverse background of industrial design, design engineering, architecture, and art, Aubree specializes in working with cross-disciplinary teams of designers, developers, engineers, and fabricators to give physical form to new experiences.

Aubree Ball is a Lecturer at the University of Washington in Seattle.
University of Washington

Geoffry Fried

Geoffry Fried (Geoff) is a Professor of Design whose academic focus and expertise include typography, design methods and strategies, and the language of design. Geoffry Fried was the Chair of the Design department from 1994 to 2007. He has also taught at Boston University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Northeastern University. Geoffry Fried earned his MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University (1982) and his BA in English from Carnegie-Mellon (1973).

Geoff Fried is a Professor of Design at Leslie University
Lesley University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Huiwon Lim

Huiwon Lim joined the Penn State graphic design faculty in August 2019 as an assistant professor. He previously served as a lecturer at Iowa State University, which is where he earned his M.F.A. in Graphic Design, a graduate certificate in human-computer interaction, and a master's degree in environmental graphic design.

His interests lie in visual communications, environmental graphic design, brand experience, human-computer interaction, user experience design, visualizing information, and exhibition design.

Huiwon Lim
Penn State University
Philadelphia, PA

Joell Angel-Chumbley

2020 SEGD Educator Award 

Joell Angel-Chumbley, MFA, is a Creative Director/Art Program Lead at Kolar Design, leading the strategic creative vision and implementation of national civic, healthcare, and academic projects connecting people, places, and brands. She has extensive

Joell Angel-Chumbley, Creative Lead, Kolar Design, CIncinnati
Kolar Design


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