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The Fighting Third

Merit Award
The Fighting Third, Stephanie Bohl, Drexel University

Stephanie Bohl’s senior thesis project at Drexel University was an exhibit environment for a traveling exhibit space. Her chosen topic was World War II, focusing on the 3rd Marine Division in the Pacific War. Her intent was to create an environment that informed visitors of the realities of war and established a sense of personal connection with the individual soldiers.

Stephanie Bohl, Drexel University

Sunflower Oil Project

Honor Award
Sunflower Oil Project, Rugerero Sunflower Oil Cooperative, Drexel University, ex;it Foundation

Since helping to establish the Rugerero Survivors Village Sunflower Oil Cooperative in 2008, near the western Rwandan village of Gisenyi, the ex;it Foundation and its founder, Alan Jacobson, continue to support the cooperative in promoting the sales of its locally produced cooking oil.

The foundation has worked with 50 Rwandan genocide survivors to create this rare opportunity for income-producing activities, with the goal of improving living conditions in the village, including health and education.

Graphic Design students from Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, ex;it Foundation


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