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As a leader in the design and fabrication of retail fixtures, displays and stores, Chandler creates retail store environments for your brand to live in. From custom fixtures to multiple store roll-outs, we deliver quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail for leading brands like Best Buy, Sony, The Home Depot, Anderson Windows, Target Corp., Under Armour and Whole Foods Market. We provide full-service design, 3D rendering, engineering, manufacturing, project management, logistics and installation solutions.

Markus Scheiber

Markus Scheiber is the Creative Director at motasdesign in Austria.

Markus Scheiber believes that identity emerges out of continuity, consistency, repetition, something that holds for a long time. Identity in itself thus enables orientation in a world of constant change.

Markus Scheiber is the Creative Director at motasdesign in Austria
Oberperfus, Austria

Phil Lenger

Phil Lenger is the President of Show+Tell in New York.

Phil Lenger is experienced in digital displays, Environmental Design, Experience Design, digital sign content and an operations consultant.

Specializing in digital signs since 1989, Show+Tell is a leading partner for companies building successful, engaging, and entertaining digital signs and sign networks.

Phil Lenger is the President of Show+Tell in New York
New York

Dan Rossborough

Dan Rossborough is Director of Strategic Projects at Nanolumens in Atlanta. At Nanolumens, Dan Rossborough is Director of the department responsible for getting NanoLumens visualization technology sole sourced in strategic projects driven by A/E/C firms and consultants. Nanolumens elevates visualization technology to meet the needs of today's visionary architects. NanoLumens make dreams a reality through mass customized, scalable LED display solutions for every size and purpose, both indoor and out. 

Dan Rossborough is Director of Strategic Projects at Nanolumens in Atlanta


Design is in the DNA of everyone at Envision. We are creative thinkers and strategic problem solvers, who live and breathe design, all working together to create and deliver exceptional wayfinding programs, integrated digital experiences, and custom retail fixtures to some of North America's best-known companies.

All of us at Envision share one belief – that great design solves complex problems and delivers elegant solutions. We work with our clients to understand their needs and provide innovative solutions that exceed their expectations.

Herm Medina

Producing alluring design coupled with concise and easy to understand design specification is Herm Medina's specialty. Sparking the imagination, collaborating creatively, communicating clearly and generating systematically planned design to maximize ROI are the central pillars of Herm's design philosophy.

herm medina headshot

Jacqueline Hoffmann

Jacqueline Hoffmann is a Solutions Consultant at Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage solutions.

Jacqueline leads the DC Metro team for Mvix, working with designers and engineers to implement digital signage networks for interactive experiences, building directories and wayfinding applications, digital kiosks and other custom projects.

Jacqueline Hoffman
Washington D.C.


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