Design Process

Monika Meyer

Monika Meyer is a co-chair for the Toronto chapter.

As Designer at Entro, Monika Meyer takes a holistic approach to design, always considering the client’s objectives and the project’s potential functionality, formats, applications, and materials to create innovative yet appropriate solutions. She believes in beginning with the end in mind.

Monika Meyer
Toronto, Canada

Pam Caperton

Pam Caperton is a Senior Designer at Asterisk. Asterisk designs integrated brand experiences that build understanding, inspire action, and engage people with one another and their surroundings.

Pam Caperton is a seasoned designer with expertise in both two- and three-dimensional projects. She uses her well-rounded set of skills to develop brand-appropriate creative concepts and shepherd them through the production or fabrication process. She was a key contributor to Asterisk’s Oracle’s Austin Waterfront Campus, a 2019 SEGD Global Design Awards Finalist.

Pam Caperton

Herman Dyal

Dyal and Partners was founded and is led by Herman Ellis Dyal, FAIA, a design strategist, architect and graphic designer with over 35 years of experience.

Prior to founding Dyal and Partners, he served as the Chief Creative Officer and CEO of fd2s.

Herman Dyal has been an architect with the New York office of Philip Johnson, and an architect with Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

Herman Dyal
Austin, Texas

Podcast | Foundations of Wayfinding

SEGD course the foundations of Wayfinding, Romedi Passini and Sue Gould


What you will learn

Expert designers Romedi Passini and Sue Gould guide you through thought provoking sessions that look at the foundations of wayfinding.

Romedi explains through a case study the fundamental knowledge underpinning wayfinding. He talks about it’s importance and illustrates how this knowledge can be used.

Sue Gould speaks on the processes undertaken to develop effective wayfinding programs, involving analysis of user groups and nomenclature to orientation and program analysis. 


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