What is Graphic Design

Common letter-sized sheets are tiled and used to transform bare walls into spaces that are vibrant and invigorating.

Graphic design uses visual media to communicate ideas. Its primary tools are type, image, space, color, and form, which are combined to communicate messages via visual media including print, television, and websites. Essentially it is a means to get your message to a mass audience visually as opposed to telling them something verbally..

Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage solutions such as large LED screens, LCD, projection video, and digital media meshare used to create experiences with content such as moving images, video, messages, and interfaces that help to enhance the experience of spaces. Digital Signage is also used for more functional uses such as menu boards, instructions, and advertising in public spaces indoors and outdoors.


Labeling identifies products. Signage identifies places.

Signage is a major component of all wayfinding,placemaking and identity systems, and exhibitions. SEGD is a global community of the designers, fabricators and vendors involved in using signage to create a sense of place and to enhance peoples experiences when navigating their way through spaces.

Digital Technology in Experiential Graphic Design

In experiential graphic design, digital technology refers to the means of creating, storing, processing, and displaying of electronic communications, stories, moving content, effects and added functionality in a built environment. Generally, media created using digital technology are displayed on computer screens or LED or LCD displays. However, evolving digital interfaces and projection technologies are increasing the array of surfaces on which moving images can appear.


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