Hoang Truong

Hoang Truong is a student at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Design and Visual Communications. His achievements include the Helene C. Lottinville Award of Excellence and the President's Honor Roll. Hoang served as the secretary of the Vietnamese Student Association and president of the Graphic Design Association.

Hoang Truong, University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK

Courtney Mahon

Courtney Mahon is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Visual Communication. She grew up learning, studying, and actively pursuing photography, but it wasn't until college that she was exposed to the awesomeness of graphic design. To her, design is about being intentional, creating conversation, and telling a story. She believes design is always relevant, always changing, and always awesome.

Courtney Mahon worked as as a designer and editor at Randy Coleman Photography. She currently works at Laurel & Wolf as a designer.

Courtney Mahon, University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Jones, OK

Carla Anthis

My name is Carla Anthis. I am a 2015 Visual Communication graduate from the University of Oklahoma.  I am a determined and dedicated designer with attention to detail and effective time management. I am able to provide thorough research, think conceptually and creatively generate ideas.

View Carla Anthis' work on her website. Connect with Carla on LinkedInand Twitter.

University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK


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