John Bailey

John Bailey is the Vice President of Global Corporate and Retail Sales for Colite International.

John Bailey is a business development and sales professional with proven track record of delivering value-based, innovative, cost-effective, and consistent brand implementation solutions to multi-national corporations, retailers, hospitality companies, and financial institutions.

John Bailey, VP Global Cororate and Retail Accounts, Colite
Colite International
Columbus, South Carolina


For the past 75+ years, BHDP Architecture has succeeded in creating environments that enhance the quality of life, learning and work for the clients that we serve. With headquarters in Cincinnati and offices in Columbus, Ohio and Raleigh, North Carolina, BHDP has created a nationally recognized practice focused on bringing the highest level of service to our clients.

“As We Are” Interactive Digital Sculpture

Finalist 2018
“As We Are” Interactive Digital Sculpture

“As We Are” is an interactive digital sculpture that provides an opportunity for visitors, whether local or from far away, to engage with the community and ultimately become part of it. Dubbed the “ultimate selfie machine,” the sculpture allows users to take a photo of themselves via an integrated 3D photobooth, and have their portrait then mapped onto the exterior undulating LED display. In real time, visitors can view themselves on the monumental, face-shaped sculpture.

Matthew Mohr

Plaskolite Acquires part of Lucite International, Inc.

 Artist Therese Lahaie created "Crossing Signal Mosaic" using LuciteLux® Spectrum

Plaskolite, LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of acrylic sheet products, announced recently that it is acquiring Lucite International, Inc.’s continuous cast acrylic sheet business, which includes general-purpose sheet and sanitary ware spa and bath sheet. As a part of the transaction, Plaskolite is acquiring Lucite’s 93,375-square-foot sheet manufacturing facility in Memphis, Tenn. 

John Glenn Institute Permanent Exhibition

Merit Award
John Glenn Institute Permanent Exhibition, The Ohio State University, Eyethink

Entering the institute, visitors stand before glass panels carrying a faint image of a confident 15-year-old John Glenn. A tan-colored, rectangular-grid terrazzo floor defines the installation's approach and suddenly gives way to black and dark gray circular, concentric bands suggesting outer space. Within these dark bands stand three large, curved panels supported by columns made of aircraft aluminum. Orbiting in parallel, the panels invite visitors to enter. Outward facing panel sides display dramatic, symbolic imagery identifying each major theme.



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