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Kate Otte

Kate Otte is a talented designer who brings energy and enthusiasm to all of the work she produces. Her experience in strategic branding development and interactive exhibit design supplements her creative talents as a designer at CGA. Her work here spans a variety of disciplines, including identity development, placebranding, wayfinding, donor recognition and interpretive signage. Her specific skills have played a key role in CGA projects requiring informational graphics and digital sequences.

Kate Otte, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Cloud Gehshan

Barbara Schwarzenbach

Barbara Schwarzenbach is an exceptional designer who is responsible for some of CGA’s most celebrated projects. Her problem-solving abilities, prolific ideas and strong materials knowledge have benefited a variety of clients and projects.

Her design of an electronic kiosk at Johns Hopkins University and the Communication, Wayfinding, Signage Plan for the Ohio and Erie National Heritage Canalway received accolades from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Her Schuylkill River Land and Water Emergency Management Plan was similarly recognized.

Barbara Schwarzenbach, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Cloud Gehshan

Matt Cavalier

Mr. Cavalier has several years of experience in providing signage and wayfinding solutions to a variety of clients. He has received numerous honors and accolades including the 2009 Signage Award by Signs of the Times Magazine for The Barnes on the Parkway site interpretive signage. He was also an integral member of the design team for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in DC, currently under construction and anticipated for dedication in October 2014.

Matt Cavalier, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Cloud Gehshan

Stephanie Bargas

Ms. Bargas is a dedicated and skilled designer who provides essential design support for many of CGA’s university and health care projects. Her background in both digital and print media brings a fresh perspective to CGA projects.
Before joining the CGA team, Ms. Bargas worked for Iperdesign, a design firm in Philadelphia with a variety of international clients. In addition to her experience there, she has exhibited work in several exhibitions across the city.

Stephanie Bargas, Cloud Gehshan Associates


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