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The Design of Your Business

The Design of Your Business, Clive Roux

By Clive Roux

A Board member recently asked me how, in just two years, we have been able to turn SEGD around after several years of decline to achieve all-time record improvements in practically everything we do.

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the simple answer. To which he replied, “That cannot possibly account for all of it!”

Happy Holidays!

SEGD wishes you a HappyHolidays in 2014!

What an eventful year it has been for the SEGD community!

There has been so much good news and there is still more to share:

Two new dynamic members joined the SEGD family – Kristin Bennani (Director of New Business) and Kate Murphy Booth (Manager of Marketing and Sales). They bring even more competence to support the growth of SEGD

CEO Update Q4, 2014: A Record-Setting Year

Infographic for the SEGD 2014 Q4 CEO Update

By Clive Roux

What a year it has been. We've heard from so many of you that this year has been really busy, and we're happy to say that has also been the case for your association. We've been working hard on all aspects of SEGD to make participation a better value for you. Much of our work has been focused on using the website to deliver more and better benefits to you.

SEGD Heading in the Right Direction

SEGD May Update

2014 is developing well for SEGD as we continue to improve our programming quality, participation, and growing membership.

With our annual conference coming up in three weeks, you can feel the excitement building. Conference materials are rolling into the SEGD office. Steve Carlin, our 2014 Conference Chair, has put together an amazing program. Registrations are rolling in and approaching the San Francisco levels already. Designers are starting the stampede to Atlanta and looking at the activities planned, it’s no wonder!


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