Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Monday Doodles: Turning a Passion for Sketching into a Tool for Design
Read Time: 2 minutes

SEGD member and Cincinnati Chapter Co-Chair, Blake Kishler is an industrial and experiential graphic designer with a background in exhibition design. In addition to his day job at Kolar Design in Cincinnati, Ohio, Blake is also an avid sketcher and illustrator. Here’s what Blake has to say about his “Monday Doodles” and how these fun sketches strengthen the brain muscle and stimulate the design process.

Racism Has Shaped Public Transit, and it’s Riddled with Inequities

From funding, planning and infrastructure, to design and policing, many transit agencies essentially have built two systems with different standards for “choice” and “dependent” riders (that is to say white and Black).


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