Jie Zi Yuan

Finalist 2018
Jie Zi Yuan

Jie Zi Yuan is the graduation design work of the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Design Studio. In the early stages, the team discussed the design theme and wanted to design a spatial work that integrates Western and Eastern cultures.

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Design Studio

The Red Stairs

Honor Award 2018
Sylvia Harris Award 2018
The Red Stairs

The project was completed within the environmental graphic course for second-year students and was also part of Open Your Space 2017, which is an ongoing research and design initiative. It draws on the relationship between design solution and social innovation ideas in Chinese urban context, and explores how design intervention collectively shapes the public realm to maximize shared value in the built environment.

East (Re)Meets West

CVEDesign in Beijing

East meets West—again! On his recent trip to Beijing, David Vanden Eynden of CVEDesign reconnected with Linda Bai; they originally met at a meetup for designers from Beijing and Nanjing, arranged by SEGD CEO Clive Roux. Linda Bai’s firm Only Design specializes in branding, packaging and retail environments. CVEDesign is delighted to continue and strengthen their connections with colleagues in China and around the world.

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