8 Reasons to Find Your Place at the Wayfinding & Placemaking Event in Philly Next Week!

SEGD 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking takes place August 1-2 in Philadelphia. Register today!

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Oh wow, it's all happening NEXT WEEK; can you believe it?!
At SEGD’s 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking Event, August 1-2 in Philadelphia, attendees will soak up local and international wayfinding and placemaking best practices along with some local design culture. Since there are just EIGHT DAYS to go, here are eight reasons why you’ll want to find yourself in Philadelphia next week!

Networking Done Right—2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking

SEGD 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking takes place August 1-2 in Philadelphia. Register today!

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Network like you mean it—like you need it, all in one event! This year's SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event takes place in Philadelphia, but we've got speakers from all over (Canada, the UK, Germany, etc.) coming to share their EGD practices and expertise. That's a lot of ground being covered in one comprehensive wayfinding and placemaking event with plenty of time to make the connections you want because we know it's important to you!

Meet the Firms Presenting in the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking Event

Meet the Firms Speaking at the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event in Philadelphia on Aug 1-2.

Wayfinding and placemaking design continues to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide (which is why the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event, August 1-2 in Philadelphia, is such a crucial EGD event to attend!). Scroll through the slideshow above to get a sneak peek of the local and international firms who will be speaking as well as some of the notable projects that will help shape their session content for this wayfinding and placemaking-concentrated event (ie.

Austin Here We Come!—2019 SEGD Conference Experience

Greetings From Austin, TX in graffiti on a brick wall

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Live music, barbecue and bats. What more could you ask for in an SEGD Conference host city??

There's so much to see and do at the Conference, but there's no shortage of adventure outside the walls of the Fairmont hotel, in the vibrant City of Austin. Here are just five things you won't want to miss between all the sessions, workshops and receptions of the 2019 SEGD Austin Conference Experience.

Sessions and Tours and Awards, Oh my!

Leslie Wolke and Grady Brown take on the SEGD Austin Conference Experience!

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In two weeks, you might find yourself on a journey of epic proportions, following the yellow brick road that leads to Austin, Texas—a place where, once you arrive, you just know, you're not in Kansas anymore. But the fun has only just begun!
We've asked our SEGD Austin Chapter Chairs, Leslie Wolke and Grady Brown, to let us know what we can expect out of this year's Austin Conference Experience.

Fancy Meeting You Here—How to Approach the Austin Conference Experience

Two people shaking hands, networking. "Spots are filling up fast! Register today!"

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In less than a month, you’ll join hundreds of professionals at the largest event designed especially for experiential graphic designers.
Whether you’re a student, a young designer, new to SEGD or new to the conference experience, we’ve put together this handy list to help you make the most of the event. (And have fun while you're at it!)

10 Things You Can Do with the Money You Save with the Group Discount

Save When You Register a Group for the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin

Read Time: 2 minutes

We are a month out from the can't-miss event of the Summer, the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience in Austin, and while some people took advantage of the early bird pricing that ran through yesterday, some of us are still waiting in the wings for the "all clear" from our bosses to book flights and register for take-off. To speed up the process, bring the latest deal to your boss to save money for what really matters in Austin.


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