Healing Communities through Art - An Interview with artist and activist Lily Yeh

Healing Communities through Art

Read Time: 6 Minutes
We live in a divisive world. Politics, the pandemic, inequity, and ideologies are just a few things which fracture our societies today. The question “How can art and design help heal communities?” is more important than ever. Contributor Franck M. Mercurio interviewed Lily Yeh, the real-life protagonist of The Barefoot Artist. The film documents Yeh’s mission to rebuild shattered communities through immersive public art projects, across the globe, and is next week’s SEGD Film Focus — Thursday November 19th, film viewing starts at 5:30pm EST and live Q&A with Lily Yeh and panelists at 7:00pm EST.

SEGD BE Preview: "Redefining Culture in a Virtual World"

SEGD BE Preview: "Redefining Culture in a Virtual World"

Watch Time: 6 Minutes

In this video, Cybelle Jones (CEO of SEGD) interviews Jean-Pierre Lacroix (President of SLD) about Lacroix's upcoming talk and roundtable at the "Branded Environments." Lacroix will speak about how COVID-19 is impacting culture and changing the way we engage with other people. The talk and routable will explore how this shift towards the virtual affects branded environments. 

Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW Redux

Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW Redux

Read Time: 2.5 minutes

SEGD’s two-day mini-series, Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW, addressed the design of wayfinding systems and public spaces that feel safe and welcoming in our current global crises: the health pandemic, social unrest, economic volatility, and environmental decline. This is the moment when designers are being called on to reimagine public spaces, and present solutions for engaging and connecting to the places that surround us. The responses were illuminating.

Why Exhibition + Experience Should Be On Your Radar

Junipero Serra Museum, San Diego History Center by C&G Partners

Read Time: 2 minutes
This month, a broad SEGD community of exhibition designers, curators, technology integrators, fabricators, brand managers, design faculty and students are tuning into the 2020 SEGD Exhibition + Experience event. We're just one week in and this year's modified E+E is already a hit! The interactive workshops lead by global thought-leaders, inspiring Global Design Award case studies, intriguing weekly prompts, and engaging virtual project tours are just some of the featured agenda items this year. Still not signed up yet? Here are four reasons why this year's E+E should be on your radar.


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