Just How Important is Networking? Hint: Don't Miss Next Week's Event in LA

Register now for the 2018 Wayfinding & Placemaking Event in LA next week.

The satisfaction survey for the 2018 SEGD Conference Experience Minneapolis revealed interesting information about what the SEGD community values: 82 percent said that networking was important to them. While "speakers and content" are the most important reasons attendees reported appreciating SEGD events, networking was a close second. 

2018 Wayfinding & Placemaking Sneak Peek

2018 Wayfinding & Placemaking Sneak Peek

Wayfinding and placemaking design continue to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide (which is why the 2018 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event, July 19–20 in Los Angeles,is such a key one to attend!). Scroll through the slideshow above to get a sneak peek of of the firms and projects that comprise the talks and tours (ie. what you could be a part of in just three short weeks!).


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