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World’s First Large-Scale COVID Memorial Designed for Victims of the Pandemic

Architecture firm Gómez Platero has designed a new memorial to honor those affected by COVID-19. Sited in Uruguay, the monument is made to be an expression of hope in an uncertain time. 

How OCAD’s Dori Tunstall is Rewriting the Rules of Design Education

Dori Tunstall, the world’s first Black dean of a design school, is on a mission to redesign design education itself: “We can’t decouple colonialism from design. They’re deeply linked and implicated.”

How to Build a Nuclear Warning for 10,000 Years’ Time

It’s a tough job even in human time, let alone deep time. A study by the International Atomic Energy Agency found that even today, as little as 6% of the world’s population may recognise the trefoil, the three black blades on a yellow background that is the symbol for radiation.

Digital Signage Clinic - A Live Review of of Digital Signage Content & Templates

Join Mvix on August 19th, 2020, at 2:00 EST for a live review of user submitted content where they'll go over great examples and give suggestions for getting the most out of your digital signage.

Connecting Communities: Holistic Smart Lighting & Enabling Technologies Guidebook Released

The 2020 publication, Municipal Smart City Street Light Conversion & Evolving Technology Guidebook was commissioned by New York State’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (Capital District Transportation Committee) as their premier Smart Communities Task Force project. 


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