Dylan Drake

Dylan Drake is a senior experience designer at Jack Porter, an experiential design firm based in Greenville, SC.

The Jack Porter team works to integrate design, storytelling, and technology to transform spaces into experiences that engage and inspire.

Dylan Drake
Jack Porter
Greenville, SC

Christina Piluso

Christina Piluso is a Graphic Designer and Creative Manager with nearly 20 years of experience in Oregon and New York working in experiential graphic design, advertising, branding agencies, and on in-house creative teams. Currently she is Experiential Design Director at Bora Architects and Interiors.

Christina Piluso
Bora Architects and Interiors
Portland, OR

Riley Atlas

"I enjoy bringing wonder and delight to the experience of being alive"

The best things can't be told, yet Riley Atlas has made a career of making the unseen seen to connect to something greater than ourselves. His multi disciplinary background is part of his inner strength and adaptability as a designer. These qualities allow him to solve challenging problems in collaboration with clients and teams to create meaningful experiences. 

Riley Atlas

Caitlin Roberts-Fontaine

Caitlin is the Creative Director of drive21; working with some of the most successful brands in the world to translate inspired concepts into reality. Based out of Austin, Caitlin mobilizes drive21’s corporate brand and oversees all client design projects. She is a hands-on designer, injecting progressive and strategic design-thinking, as well as higher-level oversight and leadership to guide our team’s approach and execution.

Caitlin Roberts Fontaine


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