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Lance Wyman’s Proposal for 1976 Bicentennial

Lance Wyman’s Proposal for 1976 Bicentennial

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This book is a near reproduction of the one-off, leather-bound ‘sketchbook’ that Lance Wyman made to document his design process for the creation of a logo and identity design for the 1976 American Bicentennial celebrations to mark the creation of the USA as an independent republic.

Pia Sachleben

Pia Sachelban is a seasoned experiential designer in Gensler Los Angeles brand studio. She has over a decade experience working within the built environment alongside strategists, interior designers, and architects - enhancing user experiences through the design of engaging brand moments and strategic wayfinding systems. Her projects span market sectors, including healthcare, education, convention centers, sports & entertainment venues, hospitality, mixed-use developments, retail, and urban sign systems.

Pia Sachleben, Gensler
Chicago, IL


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