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Sharon Aaronson

Sharon Aaronson is an Environmental Graphic Designer

She directs both the creative and administrative functions for her own private studio, Aaronson Design, as well as more recently for CallisonRTKL. Sharon Aaronson's accomplishments include project management of print, environmental graphic design, with an overlap into architecture and interior design on occasion.

Sharon Aaronson, designer at RTKL
Washington D.C.

Ashley Siebert

Ashley Siebert is a Design Engineer at Dimensional Innovations. She received her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas with a minor in Business.During her time at KU, Ashley was employed in the University Common Shop where she had the opportunity to hone her woodworking skills and assist Design students in the execution of their concepts and models.

Ashley Siebert
Dimensional Innovations
Kansas City

Samantha Nako

Samantha Nako is Lead Designer at Dimensional Innovations. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan School of Architecture.

As a Detroit native, Samantha joins DI after living and working in Sidney, Nebraska for the last several years. Her design passion lies within the process of turning an abstract idea into an immersive built reality – and getting to witness people interacting with(in) the finished product.

Dimensional Innovations
Kansas City

Jeanelle Calogero

Jeanelle Calogero is the Brand Design Manager at Portillo's Hot Dogs. She holds a BA in Mass Communication, concentration in Media Arts from University of St. Francis.

Jeanelle Calogero is a design leader and creative strategist with a clean, modern aesthetic currently living and working in Chicago. She has a passion for details, a penchant for alignment and despises trapped white space. She is always seeking new opportunities to challenge her design and art direction skills.

Jeanelle Calogero, Portillo's

Tanvi Sonavane

Tanvi Sonavane is an environmental designer at CallisonRTKL. She holds a Master of Science  in Environmental Design from the Art Center College of Design, and a Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design from the National Institute of Design in India.

Tanvi Sonavane, CallisonRTKL
Los Angeles

Katherine Healey

Katherine Healey is an environmental and architectural designer at CallisonRTKL and Katherine Healey Designs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from Art Center College of Design.

To her, the traditional world of architecture draws less and less of a crowd everyday. The jaded public have become completely complacent to the buildings that surround them.

Katherine Healey, CallisonRTKL
Los Angeles

Patrick Blanchard

Patrick Blanchard is an environmental graphic design intern at HOK. He received a Bachelors of Fine Art, Graphic Design at the University of Kansas. He also serves as a Jayhawk Inc Clerk at the KU Memorial Unions. His previous work includes a position as a communications coordinator at The Center for Community Outreach, Student Assistant, orientation coordinator, and resident assistant at Kansas University.

Patrick Blanchard
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

Kevi Louis-Johnson

When Kevi Louis-Johnson sees something that is well designed, she knows it's asking to be animated. She has learned that there is never a single solution to a design challenge through her experience at such companies as Microsoft Office Labs, Stardust, Superfad, MTV/MTV2 and the Travel Channel.

Kevi Loius-Johnson, Creative Director, Hornall Anderson, Seattle
Sid Lee
Seattle, WA


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