Amanda Badgley

Amanda Badgley is a Senior Experiential Designer/Associate at IA Interior Architects in Boston

IA Interior Architects is the first global architecture firm focused exclusively on interiors. Their approach to design focuses on how the aesthetics and organization of a space can reflect brand, improve efficiency and productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and support sustainability. IA helps clients in diverse markets worldwide articulate and align their business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space.

Amanda Badgley, Senior Experiential Graphic Designer, IA Interior Architects, Boston
IA Interior Architects

Jenna Carolan

Jenna Carolan is an experienced graphic designer who applies her multi-disciplinary background in architecture, advertising, and 3D fabrication into an authentic and progressive design approach. Holding a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University, she has spent the last several years designing environmental graphics that enhance the spaces in which people live, work, and play.

Jenna Carolan
Elkus Manfredi Architects

Judith Aronson

Judith Aronson is an Associate Professor at Simmons College in Boston

Judith Aronson has been at Simmons College for 19 years. She earned her Master of City and Regional Planning (MCP), Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from Yale University in city planning and Graphic Design and her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in American Studies from the University of Michigan.

Connect with Judith Aronson on LinkedIn.

Judith Aronson, Associate Professor, Simmons College, Boston
Simmons College

Lindi Biery

Lindi Biery is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Cannon Design in Boston.

Before joining Cannon Design Lindi Biery was a freelance designer for a number of years doing custom print, web and identity design services for a variety of clients including:

  • Union Craft Brewery, Baltimore, MD.
  • Karren O'Sullivan: Animal Reiki III Practitioner and Teacher, Tulsa, OK.
  • The Winbury Group: Real Estate Development, Tulsa, OK.


She has also worked for T. Rowe Price and Gilah Press and Design

Lindi Biery, Environmental Graphic Designer at Cannon Design in Boston

Ann McDonald

Ann McDonald is an Associate Professor of Design at Northeastern University. Her current work investigates traces of human activity in the built environment through close observation of physical communications and workarounds created ad-hoc by inhabitants of various environments offering clues about existing conditions and cultures.

Ann McDonald
Northeastern University

Greg Nank

Greg Nank is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DGI Communications, a systems integrator serving all market segments with specialties including professional audio visual systems, streaming media, premium structured wiring solutions, unified communications, turnkey installation, healthcare and life safety systems.

Greg Nank
DGI Communications

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker is an environmental Designer with Selbert Perkins Design in Cambridge, MA.

Kevin Parker has five years of experience, I've worked on projects in environmental graphic design, branding, user interface design, packaging, data visualization and others. He is also a recently-less-tortured Cleveland sports fan, a six-time marathoner (working on number seven) and an avid breakfast enthusiast.

Kevin Parker, Environmental Designer, Selbert Perkins, Cambridge MA
Selbert Perkins Design


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