Candidate John Lutz is... Going Somewhere

Candidate John Lutz is... Going Somewhere

Chicago—Earlier today, John Lutz nearly announced his candidacy to assumed billions of Internet viewers and his purported Facebook friends: “My name is John Lutz and I’m announcing my candidacy because I’m #goingsomewhere”. An elderly relative was reported as saying, “I’m glad he’s going somewhere. I’d like my basement back.”

Service Innovation

Tim Fendley, Founding Director, Applied

What do the SEGD 2015 Wayfinding Workshop and Walt Disney have in common?

I spent a few hours at the Walt Disney Museumin San Francisco last Friday after the SEGD Wayfinding Workshop.Created by Rockwell Group in 2009, the museum provides a fascinating look into Walt Disney, the man. From the very first display, you are made aware of what drove Disney.

It created some desperately needed perspective on the evolution of XGD today

Spring Into Summer Events!

Jill Ayers, SEGD President 2014-2015, Owner Airspace, Brooklyn, NY

Happy Spring! I hope everyone is having a productive season, feeling inspired every bit of the way. From talking to members over the last few months, it appears that people are busier than ever and that’s a great thing. We recently held our quarterly board meeting at the RTKL offices in downtown Los Angeles, where we reviewed several planning issues for 2015, including our strategic plan.

Experience Chicago: Zagat's 10 Hottest New Restaurants

Photo of food,

Zagat's Sara Freeman just covered the 10 Hottest New Restaurants in Chicago. From old-school Italian to groundbreaking new concept restaurants- these are the trendiest eateries in the windy city. Use this list to plot your culinary courses during your 2015 SEGD Conference ExperienceJune 4-6. Yum! 

For each, here's a link to more information, and a ten word super-summary:


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