Nick Bannikoff

Nick Bannikoff is a Design Director at BrandCulture in Sydney, Australia and co-chair for the Sydney Chapter.

He graduated as an architect and industrial designer in 1991, and today he is one of Australia’s leading wayfinding and experiential designers.

Nick Bannikoff
BrandCulture Communications
Sydney, Australia

Anne Gordon Design

Anne Gordon Design is a wayfinding consultancy that specializes in designing and implementing wayfinding strategy through signage design, environmental and experiential graphic design.

Anne Gordon Design is one of Sydney's most established wayfinding and signage design consultancy firms. Formed in 1996 Anne Gordon Design has solved wayfinding problems for many complicated sites especially public hospitals. Anne Gordon Design has written the most comprehensive and innovative sign manual for the National Parks and Wildlife Agency.


At THERE, whether we’re re-imagining a global brand, creating a memorable spatial experience or aiding orientation through an environment – THERE combine strategy, ideation, design and production excellence in everything they do.

THERE design SEGD Global Design Award winning branded experiences for the built environment that capture imagination and positively influence the way people think, feel and do.


HeineJones connect people to place. We design highly effective solutions that empower positive perceptions, location awareness, meaningful understanding, and a compelling experience.

The firm is an interdisciplinary design consultancy specializing in interpretive and wayfinding solutions, brand identity, branded environments and experiential design.

Stephen Minning

Stephen Minning is a member of the 2018 SEGD Board and Founder and Managing Director of BrandCulture in Australia.

Stephen is a branding and wayfinding specialist with over 20 years of international experience working with blue chip companies and public sector organizations.

HEadshot of Stephen Minning, Managing Director of BrandCulture
BrandCulture Communications
Sydney, Australia

Isabelle Cabrera joins BrandCulture as Architectural Wayfinding Designer

Isabelle Cabrera joins BrandCulture as Architectural Wayfinding Designer

Read Time: 2 minutes
Sydney studio BrandCulture has appointed Isabelle Cabrera as Architectural Wayfinding Designer. She joins from Populous in Brisbane.
“Like many studios, we are rethinking our processes and skillsets in response to COVID and the year that was 2020. This means embracing technology and automation where appropriate, and working with our clients to explore new efficiencies that result from digital innovation,” says Nick Bannikoff, Design Director at BrandCulture.

BrandCulture: The Future of Built Environments After COVID-19

BrandCulture: The Future of Built Environments After COVID-19

Read Time: 4 minutes

The novel coronavirus has shown how vulnerable many sectors are to future pandemics. While occupancy levels are lower, it’s the perfect time to create more resilient, adaptive spaces, and the experiential graphic design industry has the potential to lead the way.

Sydney studio BrandCulture has published a series of articles explaining how COVID-19 will impact the design of built environments from hospitality and education to healthcare and public spaces. Here are a few of its key observation-based predictions, broken down by sector:


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