Fancy Meeting You Here—How to Approach the Austin Conference Experience

Two people shaking hands, networking. "Spots are filling up fast! Register today!"

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In less than a month, you’ll join hundreds of professionals at the largest event designed especially for experiential graphic designers.
Whether you’re a student, a young designer, new to SEGD or new to the conference experience, we’ve put together this handy list to help you make the most of the event. (And have fun while you're at it!)

10 Things You Can Do with the Money You Save with the Group Discount

Save When You Register a Group for the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin

Read Time: 2 minutes

We are a month out from the can't-miss event of the Summer, the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience in Austin, and while some people took advantage of the early bird pricing that ran through yesterday, some of us are still waiting in the wings for the "all clear" from our bosses to book flights and register for take-off. To speed up the process, bring the latest deal to your boss to save money for what really matters in Austin.

Oracle's Austin Waterfront Campus—Art and Graphics Collection

Finalist 2019
Oracle's Austin Waterfront Campus: Art and Graphics Collection

Oracle North America invested in an extensive collection of graphics, art and interactive installations that reflect its commitment to innovation and its ambitious plans for its new Austin campus. Since Oracle often relocates recent college graduates from across the country, Asterisk developed the content-rich program based on the culture, geography and history of Austin and Central Texas.


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