What's Next is Now. Teleos is here!

What’s Next is Now—Announcing Teleos

Announcing Teleos—a dedicated experiential graphic design firm based in Austin, Texas. Led by Tim and Kamela Janke, Teleos leverages two decades of experience to focus exclusively on creating compelling, immersive brand experiences in built environments. Our sweet spot has always been solving experiential graphic design challenges. As more brands have recognized the importance of engaging their customers and fans through experiences in physical spaces, we see many promising opportunities.

iZone Imaging’s 3-Part Series: How to Specify Custom High Pressure Laminate

Exhibit Designers and Planners specify CHPL for their Experiential Environment projects.

How designers display information and visually communicate with visitors creates a lasting impression. But how can designers create an experiential environment that draws people in and communicates a client’s message, but is still durable? In this three-part blog series (see links below) iZone Imaging discusses why professionals across various industries (museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, and retail shops) trust the versatility and power of Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL), a multi-purpose, durable, and attractive material.

SEGD TEXAS Chapters Event

SEGD Texas Event was a success

Thanks to everyone who joined the first ever ALL Texas Chapters Zoom Event. We cannot thank Jill Elliot, founder of The Color Kind enough for showing us all that taking 10-15 minutes each day to be creative (and not related to work) can be so inspiring! She shared keys on how to start the process, how to set realistic goals and just how to have fun!

Please reach out to Jill to learn more or check out her website

Austin Central Library

Finalist 2020
Austin Central Library

Touted as the City of Austin’s new “living room”, the new Central Library is equal parts library and community center. The Escher-like effect of the multi-level atrium, with its crisscrossing stairs and bridges, gives the facility a cohesive feel both laterally and vertically while providing an abundance of natural light.

Make Some Room – Unconscious Bias Workshop

Honor Award 2020
Make Some Room – Unconscious Bias Workshop

Despite a growing movement for corporate diversity and bias trainings, many employees still experience the dehumanizing and daily impacts of bias and discrimination. We’ve become more informed, but not necessarily transformed.

As experience designers, the team believed that addressing bias in our own workplaces and culture required a new approach—to shift these trainings from intellectual understanding to emotional awakening. Make Some Room is an immersive workshop that marries storytelling and space to change hearts, not just minds.


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