Alexander Isley

Alexander Isley Designed Goodwill Store

Photograph of Goodwill store placemaking

Alexander Isley (Redding, Conn.) recently designed the new Goodwill store in Westport, Conn. Goodwill was looking for a fresh new approach to the shopping experience, and asked the firm to create an engaging design that would also devote the bulk of floorspace to merchandise, integrate durable materials, and be low-cost. The new store is topping all single-store sales records in the region. The look will be applied to new and existing stores in Connecticut.

Alexander Isley Collaborated with Girl Scouts of America

Alexander Isley Inc. (Redding, Conn.) collaborated with Girl Scouts of America to design a new kit that organizes all of its programs into one accessible format. "The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting" is a set of six binder kits, one for each level of Girl Scouts. The Alexander Isley team developed the overall look and formats, art-directed the sections, and worked with the Girl Scouts team to develop and execute all of the contents.


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