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In the Balance: SEGD Global Design Awards

In a clandestine location in Washington, D.C., this past weekend, a multidisciplinary jury of nine vetted, pondered, discussed, defended, nixed, and gushed over submissions to the 2014 SEGD Global Design Awards.  Day 1: Jurors pored through more than 430 entries…one at a time. By the end of a  long and grueling day, the candidate projects were reduced to 93.  Day 2: Down to the nitty-gritty.

Lankenau Hospital Wayfinding System

Honor Award
Lankenau Hospital Wayfinding System, Main Line Health - Lankenau Hospital, AGS, ex;it

If healthcare is considered as a journey, then why not provide tools to support all phases of the process, from the time an appointment is made, through to leaving the scheduled procedure? In fact, why not measure how the visitor experiences navigating the facility and use the findings to guide the priorities of a phased implementation plan? Lankenau Hospital agreed with this cutting-edge approach and undertook a program of pre-arrival destination cards, wayfinding guides, exterior and interior signage, and volunteer training.

AGS, ex;it

The Rwanda Healing Project

Honor Award
The Rwanda Healing Project, Barefoot Artists

The Rwanda Healing Project is a two-year, multi-dimensional art project that expands the boundaries of art and design in the environment as a vehicle for social change. It aims to engage 100 female-headed families with several hundred children from the Survivors Village in the Cyanzarwe District and dozens of workers and volunteers from the nearby city of Gisenyi. The residents of the village are survivors of the genocide and refugees left homeless.

Barefoot Artists

Sunflower Oil Project

Honor Award
Sunflower Oil Project, Rugerero Sunflower Oil Cooperative, Drexel University, ex;it Foundation

Since helping to establish the Rugerero Survivors Village Sunflower Oil Cooperative in 2008, near the western Rwandan village of Gisenyi, the ex;it Foundation and its founder, Alan Jacobson, continue to support the cooperative in promoting the sales of its locally produced cooking oil.

The foundation has worked with 50 Rwandan genocide survivors to create this rare opportunity for income-producing activities, with the goal of improving living conditions in the village, including health and education.

Graphic Design students from Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, ex;it Foundation

Distinguished Member Award

Distinguished Member Award

For demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs and communities.

Entries are encouraged to recognize members who have demonstrated: inspiring new audience engagement, extending awareness of the field of experiential design, cultivating design communities, and clearing obstacles to facilitate the advancement of practitioners, ideas and practice areas.

List of Distinguished Members



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