Draft for Public Comment of AS 1428.4, Design For Access and Mobility—Wayfinding

Last year, Standards Australia released a Draft for Public Comment of "DR AS 1428.4.2:2018, Design for Access and Mobility, Part 4.2: Means to Assist the Orientation of People with Vision Impairment—Wayfinding Signs." Many in the wayfinding community collaborated on a joint response to the draft and a revision has recently been released for further comment. 

According to Sydney Chapter Chairs, Nick Bannikoff and Carlo Giannasca, the main points are as follows:

Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments [Intro to 3-part series]

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)

Thanks to the growing use of evidence-based design in healthcare environments, elements such as natural light, views to nature and clear wayfinding are becoming the norm in hospitals and wellness centers. Art also has an important role to play in healthcare spaces—and in a three-part series, we explore its power in supporting wayfinding, creating a sense of place and easing stress for patients, families and staff. Explore Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments.


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