Amy Chandler

Amy Chandler received a Master of Architecture from the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, after which she applied her craft in Southern California for several years before moving back to her native Northwest. Amy has worked on a wide range of projects including retail, commercial, office, healthcare, community, education, restaurants, and residential. Whatever the project type, Amy strives to create places and spaces that sustain and connect values of the community.

Amy Chandler, GGLO

Simon Lee

Simon Lee is a Director at Maynard, a multi-disciplinary design studio who creates graphics, products and environments for public and private sector clients worldwide.

Simon Lee
Maynard Design Consultancy

Nayyar Samad

Chief Executive Officer
A young visionary entrepreneur, who has a unique background in architecture, signage, and real estate development, receiving his Bachelors of Architecture from the National College of Arts, Lahore and Masters in Real Estate Development from University of New South Wales, Australia.

Nayyar Samad, Signscape
Islamabad, Pakistan

Greg Rose

Design with purpose, vision, and heart. Greg Rose's background spans several spheres of visual communication: corporate identity, advertising, information design, interaction design, exhibitions, architectural graphics, and wayfinding. The experiential and physical nature of graphics for the built environment has especially incited his curiosity and passion.

Since 2009, Greg Rose Design has served clients in healthcare, education, tourism, retail, insurance, professional services, entrepreneurship, and community development with a focus on quality and value.

Greg Rose Design LLC

Barbara Schwarzenbach

Barbara Schwarzenbach is an exceptional designer who is responsible for some of CGA’s most celebrated projects. Her problem-solving abilities, prolific ideas and strong materials knowledge have benefited a variety of clients and projects.

Her design of an electronic kiosk at Johns Hopkins University and the Communication, Wayfinding, Signage Plan for the Ohio and Erie National Heritage Canalway received accolades from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Her Schuylkill River Land and Water Emergency Management Plan was similarly recognized.

Barbara Schwarzenbach, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Cloud Gehshan

Matthew Littell

Matthew Littell joined Utile as a principal shortly after the firm’s founding. Through his work in the firm’s architecture, planning, and early phase development projects, Matthew has gained an expertise in local and statewide building and zoning codes and the regulatory process. Recently, he has completed a Spencer Green, 48-unit affordable, sustainable rental project for Chelsea Neighborhood Developers, as well as Hyde-Blakemore, a 13-unit affordable home-ownership development for Urban Edge, one of Boston’s largest community development corporations.

Matthew Littell, Utile

Chuck Sanders

Chuck Sanders is a designer and project manager who is a forward thinking designer is constantly evolving, pushing himself to be as innovative as possible and provide unique and creative solutions to a wide variety of applications.

Chuck Sanders earned his MFA in Communication from Texas State University and taught as a graduate teaching assistant there from 2011 to 2013.

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Chuck Sanders


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