2016 Experience Seattle

Lee Ater

Lee Ater is co-chair of the SEGD Seattle Chapter.

Lee Ater is a principal and creative director at Seattle-based Arscentia, specializing in brand and experience strategy, branded environments and exhibit design, integrated communication design, and placemaking through branded stories.

Lee Ater, Principal Strategy and Creative at Lot22 in Seattle

Samuel Stubblefield

art | architecture | digital-physical

Sam Stubblefield uses the mediums of architecture, film, sound, and things digital to create a more interesting life for anyone that happens to come across his work. These works include art and situations for organizations like Amazon, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, London Olympics, Madison Square Garden, Microsoft Research, Sears Tower Visitor Center, Vitra, and The Living Computer Museum.

Samuel Stubblefield, NBBJ

Annelle Stotz

Annelle Stotz is on the 2021 SEGD Board and was a Co-Chair for the Seattle Chapter.

Annelle Stotz is a designer working at IA Interior Architects, and is growing the EGD capability in the Seattle office. She is working with global teams to create strategic and integrated experiences for clients within their workplace.

Annelle Stotz

Noah Jeppson

Noah Jeppson is an experiential graphic designer with over eighteen years of experience. Based in the San Francisco/Sonoma County he focuses on wayfinding, exhibition design, and placemaking projects that shape the way people interact with their surroundings. By Noah creates new experiences that creatively solve communication challenges.

Noah Jeppson, IA Interior Architects
IA Interior Architects
San Francisco

Eric LeVine

2021 Wayfinding +Placemaking SEGD Vanguard

Eric LeVine believes in creating meaningful, expressive environments by integrating experiential thinking, relevant information, and artful graphic design.

Eric LeVine, NBBJ

Daniela Pilossof

Vancouver Chapter Chair

Daniela Pilossof is an Environmental Graphic Designer working at Cygnus Group. Her practice focuses on branded story-driven environments, and has successfully demonstrated the positive impact well crafted visitor experiences have on behavior, cultural structures, education, and by extension - happiness.

Daniela Pilossof, SEGD Vancouver Chapter Chair, Communication Designer at Public Architecture in Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada


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