2015 Awards

Handled with Care- Your Design Awards Jury Process

Photograph of Design Awards Jury Deliberating

When it comes to the SEGD Global Design Awards, there's no skimping when it comes to the way the Jury handles and judges your entries.

Jury Selection: Jurors are selected for their expertise across various practice areas to represent the categories and the field in general by the Jury Chair, with suggestions from the board, CEO and staff as well. The result is a truly accomplished and multidisciplinary team that really understands what makes great Environmental and Experiential Graphic Design.

Gallery of Greats - SEGD Global Design Awards

One-Day Poem Pavilion

What do a Hell’s Kitchen bus terminal, a quilt show, a German coal mine, and a “poem pavilion” have in common? They were all winners in the SEGD Global Design Awards, and they all show how Experiential Graphic Design makes the world a better place. Find your place in the winners’ gallery! Enter now; the deadline is Feb. 14!

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