Alexander Isley Helps Ridgefield Library Build Community

The best way to raise awareness — and get people in the doors — was to talk about all a new library would offer, and in so doing perhaps change some preconceptions about what a library is. And it worked! The place is packed with lots of new faces. Attendance is up. People continue to donate. Everyone involved seems happy, and a bit better informed.

San Francisco International Airport Signage and Wayfinding

SFO Wayfinding, Interview with Vicki Sundstrom

Innovating the Passenger Experience at SFO

Vicki Sundstrom, PE, started her career as a traffic engineer in Landside Operations at San Francisco International Airport. Today, she manages the signage program that helps SFO’s 41 million annual domestic and international travelers navigate four terminals and seven boarding areas. She will be a keynote speaker at the SEGD/ASMN Airport & Transportation Workshop September 25-26, sharing how SFO continues to innovate the passenger experience.

Eye Tracking Conference Sept. 11-12 in Washington, D.C.

Eye tracking is used for a wide range of research applications, from studying Alzheimer's Disease to monitoring shoppers' in-store behavior. The Tobii Eye Tracking Conference in Washington, D.C., September 11-12 will focus on the state of the art and technology.


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