Who Came Up With This Budget?!

The Ins and Outs of Conceptual Budget Targets

Tired of hearing “Who came up with this budget?” during your projects? Kris Collins, Managing Director at MGAC, shares his “nuts and bolts” budgeting strategies and observation on the owner’s perspective, to help you discuss setting realistic budget goals and collaborate with your clients and teams on their importance.

Learn from a pro and avoid the pitfalls of not securing realistic budgets upfront and discover the secret to budget success. Kris shares actionable tips to help you develop a relationship of trust, and prevent costly redesigns and schedule overruns from “value engineering.”

Kris Collins has over 30 years of experience in directing complex cultural projects. He serves as a Managing Director of the Cultural practice group for MGAC, an Owner’s Representative and Project Management firm with offices across the US and UK. As an independent advocate for owner’s interests, MGAC has been helping clients with managing their cultural projects since 1996.