Welcoming New Members to SEGD

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All throughout March, SEGD is celebrating YOU, our members. This week, we are introducing a few of our newest who participated in this past January’s “New Member Roundtable,” a monthly membership welcome. The group represents a broad cross-section of SEGD’s growing membership. Get to know Niloufar Abdolmaleki, Sean Tomlin and Brad Jones; learn why they joined SEGD and what they are passionate about. After reading about them, you might want to reach out and connect! That’s what SEGD is all about.

Niloufar Abdolmaleki

MFA Design Student, University of California – Davis

Davis, CA

“Experiential graphic design is the field that I am most passionate about. It’s also my goal for my future career. I am so happy that I found SEGD. They have a lot of opportunities for people like me, and I found all the website content and all the projects and resources so helpful and interesting. Also, members and directors are all so welcoming and willing to help.”
Niloufar Abdolmaleki, new SEGD member

Niloufar Abdolmaleki is from Iran and moved to California six months ago to pursue an MFA in Design at UC-Davis. Niloufar first studied graphic design in high school in Iran and afterwards earned an associate degree and bachelor degree in visual communication design. While she was completing her studies, she worked as a graphic designer in several areas, including environmental graphics, illustration, photography, branding, and printing.

“I enjoyed doing all of them on my journey,” says Niloufar. “But after finishing my bachelor’s, I found I was most interested in continuing my studies and my future career in environmental or experiential graphics. The reason for my passion in this area is that I believe it is the only area that covers my multiple interests at the same time.”

One of Niloufar’s professors at UC Davis, Tim McNeil (MFA Exhibition Design, University of the Arts, London) introduced SEGD to Niloufar.

“When I found SEGD, I got very excited and happy! Seems like I found one of my dreams!”

Learn more:

UC-Davis Department of Design. https://arts.ucdavis.edu/design

Also, connect with Niloufar Abdolmaleki on LinkedIn.


Sean Tomlin

Founder and Owner, Designer Wraps & Signs

Pittman, NJ and Mooresville, NC

“I learned of SEGD late last year, just after the Philly expo. I saw it, dug into what SEGD is all about, and I fell in love. I couldn’t wait to join with hopes to learn as much as possible about this market which is rather new to our company as we primarily produce vehicle wraps. But we’re moving ever-so-slightly into XGD. I want to get involved however, whenever, and wherever I can.” 
Sean Tomlin, new SEGD member

Sean Tomlin founded Designer Wraps, a vinyl wrapping specialty shop, in December of 2006. He started the business by creating livery and wrapping race cars, which then extended to designing and producing commercial vehicle wraps. Over the years, Designer Wraps has moved into branded environments (including design, production, and installation) as well as sticking to (no pun intended) the firm’s roots in the commercial and fleet vehicle branding markets.

“I am a lover of design and a self-taught creative designer,” says Sean. “I love learning new things and being inspired by ‘true artists’ especially when it comes to interior design and the overall concepts and layouts of retail spaces.”

When not wrapping vehicles, Sean enjoys time with his family, traveling across the pond to Europe, and driving across the United States in his family’s RV. He also plays drums and is an elder in his church.

Learn more:

Visit Sean’s SEGD profile. https://segd.org/members/sean-tomlin

Visit Designer Wraps & Signs. https://www.designerwraps.com

Also, connect with Sean Tomlin on LinkedIn


Brad Jones

Creative Director, Studio 5 Eleven

Scottsdale, AR

“As a graphic designer, I work in various areas, but few things get me as excited as seeing designs come to life in an experiential way.”   Brad Jones, new SEGD member

Designer Brad Jones has more than 20 years of experience in the branding and graphic design industry. He was formally trained in graphic design and visual communications at Arizona State University.

Brad has extensive experience in editorial design of books and catalogs, logo design, art direction, packaging, and website design, but currently specializes in branding.

He has broad branding experience and has guided brand launches, developed strategic rebranding, dreamt up new business and product names, designed identity systems, and repositioned brands across a wide variety of industries.

Brad believes that building strong brands grows business. “Whether you realize it or not, your company relies on design and marketing to give its brand direction and drive traffic to your business,” says Brad. “That is where graphic designers come in.”

In addition to his practice, Brad held an adjunct faculty position at Arizona State University’s Institute for Design and the Arts for ten years. He continues to guest lecture and critique.

Learn more:

Visit Brad’s SEGD profile. https://segd.org/members/brad-jones-studio5eleven

Visit Studio 5 Eleven. https://studio5eleven.com

Also, connect with Brad Jones on LinkedIn.


The other new SEGD members who participated in this past January’s “New Member Roundtable” include:

Robert Crawshaw 

Architect, Work Project Architects

Norfolk, VA

Kevin Cortez

Designer, Entro

New York, NY

Stacey Crawshaw

Graphic Designer, Work Project Architects

Norfolk, VA

Robin Davis-Burke

Experiential Brand Designer, Vocon

New York, NY

Kevin Dyck

Designer, TDH Experiential Fabricators

Surrey, BC, Canada

Genevieve Hitchings

Designer and Illustrator, Artorium

Associate Professor, CUNY

New York, NY

Kay Lee

Senior Project Manager, Vocon

Cleveland, OH

Samantha Osborne

Owner, Samantha Osborne Design

Assistant Professor, Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, IL

Sheila Picchioni

Associate and  Creative Director, Vocon

Cleveland, OH

Anna Szilágyi

Head of Public Engagement, Budapest Development Agency

Budapest, Hungary

Now it’s your turn! Reach out to SEGD’s new members and welcome them into our community.