Welcome to Membership March!

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Here at SEGD, there is something we love more than anything else … Our Members!

And this month, we are celebrating members with “Membership March.” That’s right, a whole entire month dedicated to our SEGD Members! This includes feature articles devoted to  our newest members, a membership survey, and even exciting prizes for joining or renewing during the month of March.

On behalf of the SEGD Staff and the SEGD Membership Committee (Annelle Stotz, Kris Helmick, Matt Kent and Kenan Hanhan) we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members and a “hello” and “thank you” for the continued support of all our current and renewing members! We know the past few years have been difficult, and we value your support of SEGD during these times.

The Membership Committee has been working hard on three key initiatives: 

  1. Improving how we welcome new members,
  2. Diversifying our membership,
  3. Growing our membership internationally.

Welcoming Members

Even before the pandemic, SEGD was seeking ways to build stronger connections with members. We knew we needed a high-touch experience that embraces new members—virtually right now, and eventually in-person—to immediately boost their networks.

The “New Member Roundtable” provides access and guides new members to a variety of resources and benefits through simple, actionable steps during the first few weeks of their membership. Organized into four topics, SEGD helps new members:

  • get started,
  • build a network,
  • explore resources, and
  • add their voice to the conversation.

The New Member Roundtable occurs at the end of each month and brings together new members, current members and the Membership Committee.  You can learn more and sign up here.

Diversifying Membership

In partnership with the Racial Justice Commission (RJC) our 47 chapters  and the SEGD Board, the Membership Committee actively engages with the design community to invite diverse practitioners, thought leaders, and young professionals to contribute to the EGD field’s direction and growth. 565 new members have joined SEGD since January of 2021! Our members also fall within 29 different industry categories including EXG/XGD Design Firm, Fabricator-Signage and Digital-Content-Interaction. By the end of this month SEGD will have begun our DEAI Anti-Racism training with Angie Brice Consulting Group, read more on that here.

Growing Internationally

SEGD has long been an international organization; today, we celebrate members in over 38 countries and 13 active international chapters. It is essential to ensure that our international members have access to the same opportunities and resources as members here in the United States, and that we, as an organization, support the growth of the field globally. We are doing this by organizing more regional events, inviting global practitioners and thought leaders to present at each event, and developing tools and resources to help our international chapters build visibility within their respective markets in culturally appropriate ways.

Our goal is to ensure that the value of joining SEGD is immediately noticeable and is sustained year after year with ever-evolving resources and inspiration. We are excited to make our legacy, our passion, and our resources more accessible to the design community than ever before.

Membership March 2022

Throughout March, we will offer five raffle opportunities: one for each week for those joining SEGD or renewing their membership. This includes anyone and everyone! Even if your renewal is not coming up soon, you can renew during March and get one year added to your membership PLUS get entered into the raffles! The fifth raffle will be for those who fill out the survey by 11:59 p.m. ET on March 31, 2022. The prizes include:

  • Week 1: March 1 – 6: One 2022 SEGD Conference Registration
  • Week 2: March 7 – 13: One 2022 SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking Registration
  • Week 3: March 14 – 20: One 2022 SEGD Branded Environments Registration
  • Week 4: March 21 – 27: One 2022 SEGD Xlab Event Registration
  • Survey Response: One year SEGD Membership

We hope you will participate in Membership March by joining, renewing, answering the survey, volunteering and reading the upcoming Membership March articles throughout the month!

Submit your response to the 2022 Membership Survey here.

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