Understanding the SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Methodology

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

It takes a village and many minds—and that’s just to contact the selected jurors and get everyone in the same room at the same time! But, what happens next?

When it comes to the SEGD Global Design Awards, there is nothing disorganized about the jury’s methodology.

Jury Selection: Jurors are selected for their expertise across various practice areas to represent the categories and the field in general by the Jury Chair, with suggestions from the board, CEO and staff. The result is a truly accomplished and multidisciplinary team that understands what makes great experiential graphic design on every level and in every category.

Jury Meeting: The jurors meet face-to-face for two days in a quiet space to review your hard work individually and as a group.

Jury Solitude: The jurors are individually provided with printed hard copies of each and every entry. That means your work receives the time and attention it deserves, from nine experts in a contemplative space with no distractions. (When was the last time that happened?)

Jury Viewing: The jury then convenes to watch comprehensive videos of the submissions. This gives the experts a better understanding of the atmosphere, interactivity and overall cohesiveness of the design. (A video is a more engaging way to display your project, allowing judges to experience a first person view of the environment created by your design. Don’t you agree?)

Jury Deliberation: Later, the jury reviews entries as a group within their practice area, before taking some time to reflect on what submissions stood out most to them—and why. Lastly, the Jury will do their final deliberations. (It’s a long and involved process, but it’s totally worth it!)


Put your work in the talented hands of this year’s 2019 Design Awards Juryled by Jury Chairperson, Kathy Fry. Need to find your category? Click Here.Need examples? See award-winning work from 2018, here.

The deadline for submissions is 01/31! Don’t wait another second.