Touring The High Line—2020 SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW

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What if we told you that 2020 Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW will feature a virtual tour of the High Line in New York City, by none other than SEGD Fellow Paula Scher herself, the brains behind the design?! Hold onto your swivel chairs ladies and gents; it’s happening!

At this year’s W+P NOW, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry, network with fellow wayfinding and placemaking professionals, and bring new ideas and solutions back to your team for greater success (all awesome benefits!), but let’s go back to this tour of the High Line for a moment… 

The opening of any event is very important and we’re serving up no less than the best of the best!

Kicking off the very first day of our Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW event, on September 17 at 3:00 p.m. ET, participants will take a virtual step onto the elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s West Side, originally built for freight trains in the 1930s. Pentagram Partner and the 2019 SEGD Fellow Paula Scher will lead the tour through the pedestrian park and promenade featuring identification signage, maps, and wayfinding, which can be found at the entranceways to the elevated park and in the railings of the park.

You may remember that the High Line won an Honor Award at the 2012 SEGD Global Design Awards for its wayfinding! “From the location of each piece of interpretation, to the considered terminology, use of materials, simple clean typography, and perfectly integrated design—this solution is really outstanding. A huge success,” commented one 2019 juror.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this award-winning wayfinding project come to life accompanied by lead designer and legendary experiential graphic designer, Paula Scher! 

For more insight into the High Line: From Here to There—SEGD Talks for the Journey — Start video at 19:20

At the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin, Paula Scher’s keynote address, entitled “How to Succeed at Designing While Being Totally Unqualified for the Job,” gave insights into how she fell into experiential graphic design and all the fascinating places it’s taken her career—one such project being the NYC High Line. Watch as Scher goes into how she came up with the High Line’s iconic logo, designed promotional campaigns to raise money for the project, and finally how she, rather accidentally became a park designer for NYC’s beloved High Line!


Join fellow wayfinding and placemaking professionals this month, September 17–18, at 2020 SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW! Grab your ticket today!